The Littel pig

I like ads, this one I hated it before knowing John Berger and his ways. It’s the GEICO commercial of the little pig.


The first time I saw this ad I had no clue what it was about, I said to myself what does a pig had to do with an insurance company and how would it work for them? I think people see it in different ways, that’s because we are not just imagining it; we have a picture and a video to interpret for us, just forget about the images that we have now and imagine a pig crying wee… To home, it seems more like an animal farm story. Pictures and video cameras give us images we can’t imagine, this pig is a kid and has a ride to his home but he bugs the people who gave him the ride so they interpreted him like that little pig. I would say it worked out for GEICO, the creativity and imagination behind this ad is marvelous, it ironic in a way too, kids are the once who like it the most. The way I saw it, having that 15% off gave them a car they could drive which got them bugged by this little kid, I laughed a lot when I got this. I am looking more into what I did not understand in commercials nowadays.



About agebre

I am a young Ethiopian trying to give the world, perspective of current situations happening in the world from wars to scientific accomplishments
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2 Responses to The Littel pig

  1. Abe, what would Berger say about this ad? How would he read it and how do his ideas influence your own reading/interpretation of the ad? These are the kinds of questions that need to be addressed in these blogs.

  2. jessica vance says:

    I love this pig

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