which group am I ???…


Personal Values by Rene Magritte

The painting Personal Values by Rene Magritte is interesting because it is surreal. It is surreal because the features on it cannot be easily explained, and no one can have a true definition of it. In my opinion Rene made this painting because he had a rough child hood. However while the painting is about his rough child hood people did not understand it because of their lack of knowledge about Rene. Although many people see the painting as a surreal representation of a box in the sky, it is really a cultural critique of confinement, and the time we miss due to this confinement.


Personal Values by Rene Magritte

Magritte was born in Lessines, Belgium in 1898. Even though little is known about Magritte’s early life he started painting in 1910, and lived to be 68. However his work will live on to dazzle the millions who come to see it, like the people at the San Francisco Art Museum when we first saw Personal Values we all had nothing to say about it, it made us all stop in our tracks and think what to make of it, after a minute of silence our tour guide asked an old woman what she thought of it, “I think the room is floating in the sky. “That was her answer. I see why she Saied that, It looks like that doesn’t it? My uncle gave me this answer when I asked him about it “It is a bed that is covered by cloud” who knows he might be right though? I know they are all wrong, because they have not done their homework on Magritte; see the difference is knowing about the painting when we are talking about it, isn’t that what John Berger wants us to do. I have looked at Rene’s background and this is what I came up with, Magritte lost his mom at the age of 13, she committed suicide, this must have left a scar. Just look at this painting and think about it for a minute


It is called The Lovers, I think Magritte painted his parents, “looking at the painting” they love each other but it is no good, they can’t see each other. In personal Values this was what Magritte wanted us to see, “life is short just live it like every day is your last.” Looking at personal values scares me, look at the appliances they are bigger than furniture, the room is filled with a sky, the window is open, letting a small breath in to let us fly like a bird. This all points to one thing we are living a life of confinement, Magritte is saying you are bigger than that, you make your choice, make yourself big and have fun on the world  that is waiting for you or just be in bed till 8:00 in the morning or be in your so called comfort zone, well I don’t call it comfort  zone in fact It’s torture, look at all the stalk breakers the CEO’s the Senators the president, people who think they rule the world this is what Magritte left them


The Painting above is called The False Mirror. Magritte is saying to them, I don’t see this world the way you do, we are all going to die in this life and we should make the best of it, one may have all the money in the world but that’s no good if he doesn’t do something with it, because he or she is not going to die with it. Let us face it people we all want what we don’t have but the Irony is that we have what we need and we are losing it people, we are losing time chasing money, fame, power and prestige. But the fact of the matter is that they are no good. How many people have you heard of that have money and did not have life? Look at Charley Shine for example, his life is a wreck, he seems to find his way on the news somehow every day. Looking at him makes me feel sorry for him. He and others like him are wasting their lives doing silly things that are costing them the most important thing that is their god given time on earth. Look at this painting below and say this people, which group do I belong to?


The painting above is The Pilgrim by Rene Magritte


A photo of Rene Magritte with the painting The Pilgrim

As you see Magritte is painting a picture in the photo he took, he is saying I belong to a certain group and I am in the right track because I use my head and do not west my time, Look at the painting next to Magritte the man in the painting is dressed as well as Magritte if not better, But he is no good because he has got no head to use.

Magritte used oil in the painting Personal values because that was the most convenient to that work, because it involve a number of color medium, Personal Values has a bright and detailed color, it shows every little detail about the painting just look at how the glass is painted it looks real, the shadow of the shaving cream and glass on the matters made it look like Magritte took a picture and fooled us all. Rene was challenged by another painter that his work on personal values was fast and he did not give it enough time Magritte convinced this man and told him Personal Values took him about two month to paint. Magritte is known for surrealism most of his works are odd but interesting personal values is no different than the rest of his paintings. Rene paints in a way that when you see his work the first thing that comes to your mind is that, what is that and how did he think of that. I conclude some of Rene Magritte’s works.


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I am a young Ethiopian trying to give the world, perspective of current situations happening in the world from wars to scientific accomplishments
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